Why Merchant Navy?

A career at sea offers a unique way of life and a challenging and rewarding career – it is an exciting job. Merchant Shipping is a vital national industry for many countries worldwide – on an average over 90% of everything that comes in and out of country involved in international trade goes by sea. Merchant ships operate all around the world and include modern ferries, large container ships, luxury cruise liners, oil, gas and chemical tankers and support vessels for the offshore exploration industry.

Life in Merchant Navy is full of excitement and thrill. It gives you an opportunity to live the life of adventure and provides job satisfaction. Excellent pay and an awesome life style are the major advantages of merchant navy. Surf the whole world and get paid heavily for it. When your ship is on dock, get into the city, where ever you are, do shopping, enjoy the beauty or do whatever your heart says. After wearing the uniform you’ll walk with pride. Rank at the shoulders and cap of responsibility on your head. Your personality takes another step when you wear the uniform and command your crew members.

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