1. Sea service
    • 36 months for direct entry candidates
    • 18 months for candidates who have satisfactorily completed the Diploma in Nautical Studiese
       conducted by the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)
    •  At least 12 months including 6 months of bridge watch keeping duties under the supervision of the Master or a qualified officer
    • Candidates with seagoing service of less than 36 months shall have satisfactorily completed an approved Distance Learning Programme (DLP)
      DLP consists of completing Correspondence course and Cadet Record Book (TARB)
    • The qualifying seagoing service must be performed in the deck department and is reckoned from the date of engagement to the date of discharge. At least 6 months of the qualifying service must have been performed within the 5 years preceding the application
  2. Candidates for Direct Entry COC 3 should comply with the following:
    •  Ships to be engaged in International voyages
    •  Gross tonnage of ship to be more than 3000
    •  Total sea time to be at least 36 months in Deck department (CADET, O/S or A/B) (Sea time as trainee in any rank is not admissible)
    •  At least 12 months including 6 months of bridge watch keeping duties under the supervision of the officer
    •  Sailed onboard Singapore flagged ship or employed registered in Singapore
  3.  Educational background 
    • Class 12 School (or) 2nd year of university (or) A-level – at least 60% in Science (Physics, Chemistry), Maths and English
    • Candidate with less score are required to do ‘Distance Learning Program’ and complete ‘TARB’ (Cadet Record Book)
  4. Admission Process is divided into 4 parts:
    • Preliminary assessment by SMA
    • Letter of acceptance issued by SMA (Subject to fulfillment of criteria’s listed in preliminary assessment form)
    • Candidate to apply for LOE at MPA, and submit LOA from SMA to MPA 
    • On obtaining LOE from MPA, submit LOE to SMA, SMA will guide for Admission formalities
  5. Two intakes in a year – April and October


  1. Sea Service
    • 36 months from Class 3 or watch keeping level to Class 1
    • (or) 12 months from Class 3 to Class 2 and 24 months thereafter
    • (or) 12 months after Class 2, if sailed as chief officer immediately after Class 2, otherwise sea service is pro-rated
  2. Candidates need to pay for following other mandatory courses:
    • Shipboard Training & Assessment Course
    • Medical Care On-board
    • Advanced Fire-Fighting**
    • ECDIS Course
    • BRM (Management Level) and Leadership and Team-working skill
  3. Candidate must successfully complete the following modules at SMA
    • MA2020 Navigation
    • MA2022 Ship Handling & Simulator
    • MA2023 Marine Plant & Propulsion
    • MA2024 Cargo work
    • MA2026 Maritime Law & Personnel Management
    • MA2027 Meteorology
    • MA2028 Compass
    • MA2029 Ship Stability
    • MA2030 Ship Construction


  1. The STCW BST consists of
    • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
    • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
    • Elementary First Aid
    • Personal Survival Techniques Training & Assessment Course
  2. Qualification:
    • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    • MPA Letter of Eligibility (for attending the 22 Weeks GME Course)
  3. Students must be medically fit as per the MPA Marine Engineering Officers (MEO) medical fitness guidelines
  1.  Self Study Course / Distance Learning Programme(DLP)
    • Applied Heat
    • Engineering Drawing
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanics
  2.  Eligibility Criteris
    • Copy of Class 5 Certificate of Competency,
    • Letter of Eligibility from MPA,
    • Copy of applicant’s passport with relevant particulars,
    • Copy of applicant’s CDC with relevant particulars,
    • Passport sized photograph
  3. All modules have 10 assignments, except Engineering Drawing which has 3. After successfully completed the compulsory 3 drawings and all the assignments in the other registered modules, the candidate is qualified for ONE attempt at the examination
  4. If you have been granted exemption from Class 2 Part A then you have to have at least been enrolled in the correspondence course for 2 months and have handed in all the assignments and they have been marked as satisfactory before you can register. (OR) If you have not been granted exemption then you need to have enrolled for the course for 3 months before and have satisfactorily completed all the assignments for all modules, with at least a B grade for 75% of the assignments before you can qualify
  1. The STCW BST consists of
    • Medical Care
    • Advanced Fire Fighting
    • Ship Training & Assessment Course
    • COC 1 & 2 part A
  2. Candidates must successfully complete following modules at Part B Level at SMA
    • MA3016 Internal Combustion Engines & Boilers
    • MA3017 Auxiliary Machinery
    • MA3018 Electro-technology & Electronics
    • MA3019 Electrical Engineering
    • MA3020 Control Engineering
    • MA3021 Safe Maintenance Operation & Fault Diagnostics
    • MA3022 Ship Construction & Naval Architecture
    • MA3023 Maritime Law & Personnel Management
  3. Candidates must complete following modules at Part A Level at SMA, if not exempted by MPA, Singapore
    • Engineering Drawing & Design
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Applied Mechanics
    • Applied Heat
  4. Copy of current COC
  5. Copy of relevant pages of Passport
  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Class 2 Engineer Singapore CoC & attended the combined CoC Class 1 & 2 course
    • Approved sea-going service on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3,000kW propulsion power
    •  Eligible to appear for Class1 COC orals conducted by MPA