Life in Merchant Navy

For majority, sea is just a large body of salt water expanded to horizon. But for a mariner, sea is a world of wonders and amusements. It is his world and sometimes his paradise.

A mariner knows all aspects of the sea. He is the person who knows the sentiments and feelings of the sea. Sea is never a factor of dread or risk or disappointment for a mariner. Most part of his life is in the sea that stones him in her salty arms and accordingly he knows the unending enormity of her affection towards him. A mariner is the better one in the world who can define a sea.

A mariner’s life is completely an adventurous one. While fighting with the waves and the oceanic creatures the only thing that gives courage to him is his native and his family whose prayers are always with him. The hope to meet his family again after the sailing gives him the courage to fight with the sea and stay there.

A mariner knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. He built his dreams in the sea. For him the world is sea.

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