About Us

The concept of being Marine Consultant is the thought process from 2012. Being in the league of seafarers facing the challenging situation not only at sea even at shore abiding by the rules and regulation of Maritime authority. Due to in-appropriate ratio of job on Ships vs seafarers in need of job, resulting in the flooding of market, seafarers are compelled to go through various certification to show their individual weightage more than their rivals.

Being sailing on the vessels, seafarers especially remains out of touch of governing rules and regulation. So coming off board from the ships, if they want to do any certification, they need to recollect the required information, for that they need to visit Maritime offices/headquarters away from their hometown/family even being onshore also.

So Being Marine Consultant, the vision is to become “Career Planner of Seafarers” . To save their hard earned money and the quality time that they need to spend with the family being ashore, by scheduling / Aligning their courses  and certifications in time efficient Manner.

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